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Photography has always been a passion and interest of mine from a young age. But pre-digital days, film costs were always an issue, so I never picked up photography seriously. Also as with most guys, it’s a fascination into the technical & gear aspect of photography, A big boy’s toys.

Then comes the digital age in the late 1990s. With the reducing costs of digital cameras and, finally affordable digital SLRs, I’ve doved right into the thick of things. Especially with my wedding, and then the birth of my daughter, it became even more important to me to keep the memories. Now I am a lifestyle photographer providing my services to a Malaysian families since 2009.

It’s always been a dream of mine to explore the unknown deep blue, even I’m not the best swimmer, I went ahead and started my journey in scuba diving, and have been diving since 2004 and is still looking forward to the nitrogen hit.

Being a photographer, not having a camera seem weird, even underwater, so after about a year of diving, I got myself a small compact camera with it’s own housing, the Canon Powershot S1. That grew to a Fuji e900 with an Ikelite Housing, with the whole kit of inon lenses. At one point I had 2 macro lens, wide angle with dome unit and strobes.

Today my kit consists of a Canon 5d mk2 dSLR with Ikelite housing with a whole bunch of lenses & ports. Not forgetting the Ikelite DS-161 strobes & focus lights.


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