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Equipment Tests: New Inon’s UCL-100 M67 lens

Just managed to get hold of the Inon’s latest close-up wet lens, the Inon UCL-100 M67. Which I think would be the latest most reached tool for macro, especially for compact shooters. Note this is a quick & dirty test, as the S90 is a quick loaner from a friend, and with a blinking low battery sign and a short ¬†time in a pool ūüėõ The tests pictures I took below, hopes manage to show the ease of use of this lens. The pictures were taken within 10-15 minutes. All pictures has changes to black point, exposure & slight WB changes on the jpeg. The only other edit is to downsize for web viewing.


The lens comes with a lens cap & a back rubber lens cap

Coming into the market just ripe when everyone is into supermacro, or basically extreme closeup. Some times most will encroach into over 2:1 lifesize! These type of shots can be an exercise in futility if not ¬†equipped with the right tools. On my experience, once in super macro, most photographers will abandon the AF, and focus with the “move camera until subject in focus” method. Another important item would be a good focus light, that helps with additional brightness & contrast for you to see the screen, to be able to see the focus. ¬†(or AF sensors, if you still plan to AF)

The large back lens element, looks very similar to the UCL-165. Note that these are all WET lenses, to be used outside of the housing. Can be removed anytime during a dive.

Check out that large front concave element. The first I have seen, if I am not wrong. This makes it a very interesting lens. When used/tested on land, it will be extremely soft, but UW it really shines. Note the front threads enabling it to stack, Next to try is a a dual UCL-100 stack.

The Inon UCL-100 M67 on the Ikelite S90, with a Subsee as a comparison.

Size of nudibranch as a comparison. The exact measurement of nudibranch is 4cm length and 2cm width

I have setup the tests in a quick and simple way to show the main feature of the UCL-100.

Here are the setup parameters done in a shallow part of the pool.

– S90 focus setting to auto-focus without the macro setting

– Nudibranch placed at 5-8 cm away from front of Inon lens

– Shot will be taken at different zoom distances (28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm & 105mm)

– Everything else will be set as (Av, Auto ISO, Natural Light)

Note that the lens can be used even at the widest setting of 28mm, giving you a something like a wide angle macro look. The lens can be focused right up to almost the front of the lens. It’s like almost a multiple lens in a single unit. Below is an example of a short of wide angle at the minimum focussing distance.

28mm & closest focussing distance

105mm & almost closest focussing distance.


  • For compact camera, this is a very flexible lens, enabling the camera to shoot at all focal lengths and distances for close-up to macro.¬†(from 28mm, according to Inon, cams with wider than 28 will have slight vignetting)¬†Compatibility¬†chart from Inon
  • Due to concave front element, lens is very soft when used in air (tested with a dSLR with a 100mm macro)
  • stackable +10 close-up
  • Sharp!

I will need to redo tests on a dSLR setup with 100mm macro!:)

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