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    Hei everybody! I'm Aaron, a lifestyle photographer, originally from Malaysia, and currently in Woodlands, TX. specializing in relaxed portraiture (babies. families & everything in-between) & event photography (birthday parties or any celebration)

    * Please note that this blog is currently in archive stage, due to my inactivity while in the US. If you are still interested to let me capture you, I still shoot at a reduced/adhoc capacity, just drop me an e-mail. If you are interested to follow my personal photos/updates, come check me out at Instagram.*

    This blog follows on some of my personal and professional life, with images from interesting moments & feature images from each shoot.

    As most blog goes, it's informal; and I hope informative. This blog is mainly is designed to let current & prospective clients to get to know me and my style, and what's going on with me. To see samples of my work, refer to the Categories on the menu above. :)

Aidan & Aj : Portraits in the Playground

My last session of the year, and one of my fav session too, Children portraits! Met up with Aidan & Aj’s mom at a nearby park in the morning for some get to know-each-other before the session starts. As usual, I always try to start with a “formal” portrait before letting the kids have fun at the playground.

Then it’s playtime with Aj

Swings with Aidan

Everyone joins the fun!
 Aidan in a serious mood

Aj Portrait

Grinning Happy Aj:)

Aiden’s Fav smile:)

Aj saying Good Bye!

Bro & Sis

If you would like to arrange a photography session to capture some portraits while having fun with the whole family, just drop me an e-mail at INFO@AARONKOK.COMor call +6012-3738200

Captures: Rainbow Center Singapore

One of my most interesting & eye opening experience during a session is a recent commission to capture the students & teachers of a specials needs school in Singapore. I’m very impressed & really appreciate the care & patience the teachers & parents of special needs children, within the 2 days of spending time with them at their schools.

Below is an except from their website.

Established in 1992, Rainbow Centre Singapore is a registered charity with the Registry of Societies and granted the Institute of Public Character (IPC) status under the Charities Act.

The Centre runs two special education schools and two early intervention centres at Rainbow Centre – Margaret Drive School campus and Rainbow Centre – Yishun Park School campus for children with special needs. Both schools adopt a holistic developmental curriculum in areas of language and communication skills, cognitive skills, social and emotional skills, fine and gross motor skills, and adaptive daily living skills carried out by a multi-disciplinary team of trained Special Education Teachers, Speech Language Therapists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Social Workers, and Music and Art Therapists.

Below are a selection of photos from the schools, and I hope it shows of the warmth and the fun I had while photographing them.

Balancing & Jumping Activity

Daily Life Simulation Activities

Speech Therapy

Walking Exercises


Physical Therapy for Babies & Infants


Jane : Maternity Session

I just love shooting maternity sessions. I find belly bumps are very photogenic and the mom-to-be are always glowing. This time it’s just a dear neighbor of mine, and their daughter is my kid’s playground mates! So i don’t need to lug all my equipment to the car, just down the elevator,:)

Anyway, here’s a small sampler from the session.

Mummy, I c u!

Sophia & Dad

Family Portrait I

Family Portrait II

Glowing Gorgeous Mummy



Do Not Open till End-Of-March!

I can’t wait to meet the lil-bundle-of-joy soon!


If you would like to arrange a photography session to capture portraits of your bump , just drop me an e-mail at INFO@AARONKOK.COM or call +6012-3738200

Portraits from Portable Studio in Digital Mall

Quick, awesome & easy portraits with prints was given away courtesy of Digital Mall in conjunction with their Camera Fair recently.  I was commissioned by Digital Mall to provide their customers a free portrait & print as a thanks for shopping in Digital Mall.  We provided a make over by JoJo Artistry & a session of quick portraits plus one free print using the Epson PictureMate PM310.

It was a blast shooting this 3 day session. We had to be quick, awesome & make sure everyone to be at ease & be gorgeous in front of the camera, and all the while in front of a crowd too!:)Prints are ready within less than a few minutes with little to no waiting time. Here’s a few shots of our studio for 3 day.

Our studio for 3 days

Our make-up artists – Jojo Artistry, glamming up customers before every shoot

Here’s a slice of the captures from all the sessions.


Bond & Girls

Angel in Digital Mall

Mother & Son

Happy Family

Hong Kong Celebrity?

Brotherly Love

Mom & Precious

Harimau Malaya!!!


Lean on me!



Gorgeous new Facebook Profile:)

The team that made it all possible!

As usual, just drop me an e-mail at INFO@AARONKOK.COM or call +6012-3738200 to arrange any portraits session or if you also have a red carpet event you need coverage on.

Newborn : Amelie

As promised in the earlier blog, I introduce to you, Amelie, a cutie at only 2 weeks young when I captured her. She’s very easy to work with as with her proud parents during their sessions earlier.

Mom, Dad & Amelie


Mom & Amelie

Tiny Fingers

Tiny Feet

Kiss Me?

One, Two,



Mom & Dad


To arrange a newborn session, just drop me an e-mail at INFO@AARONKOK.COM or call +6012-3738200. Just contact me a few weeks before your due date to discuss on the schedule & the preparation required to capture your precious newborn.

Sandra Shunmugam - Amelie, my first cousin’s grandchild,
Sweet looking and nature – mild;
Your arrival has given so much pleasure,
The amount of happiness, no-one can measure!

May you grow up with love all around you,
Getting care and tenderness that is your due;
I wish you well, a life full of joy and good health;
Be strong of mind, loving, caring – all that is wealth!